Anna Savery

New Directions

Experiments in intermedia storytelling

Sleep analysiS

A data visualizatioj project done in p5.js. The sleep data was collected from an Amazon Halo wristband. Solo violin improvisation recorded and mixed using Logic.


A visual installation of a family holiday in Sydney and Perth, Australia. Images manipulated using Max/Jitter. Sound manipulation through PyPadberg system and Max/MSP.
You can view the published paper on the PyPadberg system that I presented at NIME, Brazil, in 2019. here.

How it Starts

First piece from my MFA in Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology, Capstone Recital Fragments of a Heartbeat .
Performed at the Winifred Smith Hall, University of California, Irvine. This piece explores reactivity between live audio and video animation. All processing done in MaxMsp and Jitter.
You can read my Thesis here.

How it Hurts

Third piece in Fragments of a Heartbeat. A collaboration with Gunta Liepiņa-Miller, using live and pre-recorded audio and video sampling. All processing done in MaxMsp and Jitter.