Anna Savery

Annushka and Marianna Ensemble

Russian folk, Gypsy and Original


Annushka was born out of Marianna Ensemble, initially as a place holder to cover confirmed engagements while Maria Briggs was working overseas, and then later as a band in its own right.

Anna Savery - Violin/Arranger/Composer/Vocals
Richard Savery - Bari Sax/Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Composer/Arranger
Blake Keep - Guitar/Voice
Matt Gough- Guitar

Marianna Ensemble

Marianna started as a Russian duet in 2001 consisting of two sisters; Maria (nee Okunev) Briggs (voice/piano/guitar) and Anna (nee Okunev) Savery (violin/voice). In 2009 Blake Keep (guitar) and Richard Savery (Clarinets/Saxophone) joined the ensemble. The ensemble draws on the multi talents of its members, which between them share backgrounds in opera, jazz, folk, classical and contemporary music.

Moscow Promenade - A Russian Medley

Shine My Star - arrangement by Anna Savery

Marianna Ensemble - Debut Album

Released July 17, 2012.
Anna Savery - Violin/Arranger
Maria Briggs - Guitar/Vocals/Arranger/Composer(Treasure, Familiar Face, Mario, The Island, I'll Only Dance With You)
Richard Savery - Saxophone/Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Blake Keep - Guitar/Compser(Tango)