Anna Savery


Jazz and Experimental

LIE - Flowers and Convicts

Recorded May 23rd, 2013 by Richard Belkner.
All tracks composed/arranged by Richard Savery.
Richard Savery - Bass Clarinet (1,4,5,8) Bari Sax (2,3,7) Clarinet (6)
Anna Savery - 5 String Electric Violin (1{solo!},5) Violin (2,3,4,7,8)
Jono Savery - Clarinet (2,4-8) Soprano Sax (1,3) Tenor Sax (2,3)
Aaron Flower - Guitar
Finn Ryan - Drums
Wilbur Whitta - Piano
Mary Rapp - Cello

Richard Savery - Artificial Improvisers

Computer Conducter This piece explores improvisation and composition by using melodic ideas generated by a computer. Each performer is given melodic fragments as improvisational germs, displayed on an ipad/phone.

Zert - by Richard Savery

Live - by LIE

Performed at the Banff Center Club.
Richard Savery - Composer/Baritone Saxophone/Bass Clarinet
Anna Savery - Violin
Hank Roberts - Cello
Sam Commerford - Tenor Sax
Jeff Torbert - Guitar
Hugh Harvey - Drums
Chantale Morin - Piano
Michael Rush - Bass

Another Blank - by Anthony Caulkins

Juan David Rubio - Spatia